Air Force Zero unveiled in Tokyo.

The Air Force Zero launch in Tokyo was a great success and received extremely positive feedback.
Have a look at the snap shots and specifications of Air Force Zero and stay tuned for further updates.


Base Frame 100 kg, Stainless Steel
Platter Base 35 kg, Extra Super Duralumin
Platters 118 kg in total
Bottom Platter 30 kg, Ø 40cm, Forged Stainless Steel SUS 316L
Second Platter 20 kg, Ø 31cm, Forged Stainless Steel SUS 316L
Third Platter 20 kg, Ø 31 cm, Cast Gunmetal
Fourth Platter 20 kg, Ø 31 cm, Forged Stainless Steel SUS 316L
Top Platter 28 kg, Ø 31 cm, Powder Sintered Tungsten
Total Moment of Inertia 18,720 kg/cm square
Drive System Belt-Drive, Polished and Non Flexible Polyurethane Fiber Belt
Drive Motor 3-phase 12-pole AC Synchronous Motor manufactured by Papst, Germany (1000/5001)
During a Startup and Adjustment of the Rotation A High Torque Rotation
In a Steady State Rotation Non Servo, Low Torque, Ultra Low Vibration
Rotation Speed 33.3 rpm / 45 rpm, Precise Speed Adjustment Function
Wow & Flutter Below 0.03%
Suspension Air Suspension, Air Charged by an Electric Air Pump Built-in Power Supply Unit
Main Unit Dimensions including Motor 901 (W) x 677 (D) x 335 (H) mm

Distances Between Center Point of Base Frame Feet

Front Left Foot – Front Right Foot = 674mm
Rear Left Foot – Rear Right Foot = 722mm
Front Left Foot – Rear Left Foot = 461mm
Front Right Foot – Rear Right Foot = 442mm
Total Weight of Main Unit including Motor 350kg (Power Supply / Air Pump Units are not included)
Unit 1/3 430 (W) x 365 (D) x 205 (H) mm, 15 kg
Unit 2/3 430 (W) x 365 (D) x 205 (H) mm, 13kg
Unit 3/3 430 (W) x 365 (D) x 205 (H) mm, 10kg
2x Titanium Tonearm Bases (Tungsten Tonearm Base available as option)
1x TechDAS Disc Stabilizer, 1x Platter Cover
Set of 2 Racks with Turntable Platform and Shelves Rack 1/2: 905 (W) x 675 (D) x 790 (H) mm
Rack 2/2: 790 (W) x 610 (D) x 790 (H) mm