Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

This underbar indicates that auto power off is activated. 

All TechDAS turntables feature auto power off and this function is activated by default.

When auto power off is activated (initial setting), it will allow the unit to automatically enter standby mode if there is no user operation for one hour.

This prevents overloading on the motor and pump. When auto power off is activated, the underbar ‘_’ will appear at right bottom on the display while when it is deactivated ‘_’ will not appear. It is recommended to use your turntable with auto power off activated in order to prevent overloading on the motor and pump. 

To deactivate auto power off mode:
– With the Power Switch of the Air Pump/Power Supply Unit off, turn the Power Switch on while holding the 45 button until the opening message blinks. Then release the 45 button while the message is blinking.

To set up auto power off mode:
– Repeat the above procedure once more, and it will be activated.