Upgraded Air Force III Premium with New Suspension Feet

Building on the success of our hugely popular model – the Air Force III Premium, we can announce the additional variant: Air Force III Premium S. The S model features our newly designed suspension feet which enhance the flexibility of installation in various environments as well as improving the sound performance by achieving higher vibration isolation.

Weighing over 50 kilograms including the platter, the Air Force III Premium S sits on the new suspension feet that provide a robust platform and outstanding vibration isolation. The Air Force III Premium is thus available in two versions, the Air Force III Premium with rigid type feet and Air Force III Premium S. The choice of which model to choose can depend on the installation environment.The suspension feet are also offered separately as a set of 4 pieces to existing Air Force III Premium owners who desire to upgrade their turntables with these new feet.

About TechDAS

TechDAS is the house brand of Stella Inc, the premier distributor of high-end audio in Japan. Stella Inc designs and develops TechDAS products that rediscover the joy of audio and re-activate high-end audio. The brand is working toward the fulfillment of our dream, which is to offer what is truly valuable to users. All products are made in Japan with subtle craftsmanship that elevates the enjoyment of music to an art-form.

“DAS” in TechDAS stands for “Digital Analog Supremacy” reflecting the commitment to the finest audio technology. This philosophy has created TechDAS products such as the Air Force analog turntable line which has gained worldwide reputation for its sound quality, accumulated know-how, and the latest in electronics and precise engineering technology.

“At Stella inc. we imported and distributed many analog audio products, but there was no product that was truly satisfying. Therefore I decided to refine the old Micro Seiki analogue turntables to offer an ideal product. This led us to develop a breakthrough product, the ultimate turntable solution – the TechDAS Air Force One.”