“TechDAS push back the boundaries of design again with the Airforce V Premium, successfully preserving all “Air Force” technologies in our most affordable model of the line.

The Air Force turntables feature unique and refined “air” technologies which includes our air bearing that allows the platter to flow on a very thin layer of air and mechanically isolates the rotating platter and a record from any vibration, as well as vacuum hold down of an LP onto the platter. With these technologies, the Air Force turntables have distinguished themselves from conventional turntables in terms of sound and performance.

At TechDAS we believe that the analog sound we produce has gone beyond previous levels of signal to noise ratios and is more in line with the signal to noise ratios achieved in modern digital audio. Thus TechDAS “Air Force” technologies bring about the ultimate state-of-the art analog sound, with an unparalleled level of background blackness and precise rotation.”

Hideaki Nishikawa

Compact size, affordable, and designed to the highest standards

The Air Force V Premium has been developed to deliver another dimension in analog sound, and at the same time be accessible to more analog enthusiasts. The chassis is as compact in size as the Air Force III Premium, and by elaborately reducing motor vibration we have achieved a successful integration of the motor in the plinth. The result is an even more compact turntable without a separate motor unit that can be fitted with up to four tonearms.

The 2-phase 4-pole AC synchronous motor offers almost the same level of performance as the upper models and is integrated into the main unit with an anti-vibration mechanism optimally designed. The polished drive belt of polyurethane rubber helps achieve a high signal to noise ratio. Furthermore, the chassis with the built-in motor sits on four feet which are based on the air damping approach we have used successfully in the Air Force III.

Chassis CNC machined from solid aluminum

The Key feature of the Air Force V Premium is it’s significantly improved chassis. It is precision machined from solid aluminum, just like the upper models in our product line.

Instead of an assembled chassis consisting of aluminum panels as in the original Air Force V, the new Air Force V Premium employs a massive chassis CNC machined from solid aluminum alloy. This results in a significantly improved dynamic range delivered with the much heavier weight chassis.

Dual Platter System

It employs a sub-platter system consisting of an inner-sub and an outer platter both precision machined from solid aluminum alloy A5056. With a total weight of 7kg it gives sufficient inertia for smooth and stable rotation. The outer platter surface is black anodized with a gloss hairline finish, and matches well with the silver aluminum plinth. It features a tapered spindle to absorb any swaying of an off center LP and a very thin pad of anti-vibration material applied on top to protect records.

The Drive System

The Airforce V Premium drive system delivers precise rotational speeds with the crystal oscillator with low vibrations by the 2-phase AC synchronous motor. Rotational speeds of about 582 prm ==> at 33.3 rpm are achieved, and a driving frequency of approximately 19.4 Hz at 33.3 rpm. It has a sophisticated 2 channel torque switching circuit that adjusts torque until the rated speed has been achieved, such as during start up. Once the rotation speed is achieved, torque is decreased in order to reduce vibrations even further. A DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) serves to digitally synthesize any waveform or any value of frequencies according to the output from the crystal oscillator.

The Power Supply Unit

The power supply unit contains the power supply circuits for the motor, the air pump and the air condenser. These control floating and suction functions with our special air control mechanism.

Motor control system schematic

Chassis Precision machined aluminum alloy (A5052)
Silver anodized satin finish 19.0 kg
Platter Sub platter system, Precision machined aluminum alloy (A5056)
Total 7.0k Outer-main platter: black anodized, 4.0 kg
Inner-sub platter: silver anodized, 3.0kg
Total moment of inertia 734 kg・cm2
Drive system Belt-drive with polished polyurethane rubber belt
Motor 2-phase 4-pole AC synchronous motor built in the chassis
Motor Power Supply Digital rotational control system driven by power amplifier
Rotational speed 33.3 rpm/ 45 rpm
Wow & Flutter below 0.03%
Dimensions 312 (W) x 168 (H) x 368 (D) mm
Total weight 26.0 kg
Minimum dimensions for setting up 413 (W) x 418 (D) mm
Power consumption 50W
Dimensions Dimension: 350 (W) x 160 (H) x 270 (D) mm
Weight 9 kg
Minimum dimensions for setting up 350 (W) x 330 (D) mm
Tonearm Base x 1 (Extra cost may be incurred dependant on the chosen tonearm)
Platter Cover x 1
Extra Tonearm Base