The all new Air Force 10 tonearm

TechDAS Air Force 10 tonearm incorporates a culmination of innovative vacuum hold-down and air bearing technologies, which were originally developed for TechDAS Air Force turntables. Additionally, it draws upon our extensive expertise in precision machining, particularly with titanium and tungsten materials.

After dedicating nearly three years to the development and design of this new tonearm, we are thrilled to present a product that features an exceptionally smooth and precise motion, thanks to the advanced air bearing technologies. This breakthrough enables the faithful reproduction of even the most subtle details embedded within the grooves of vinyl records, immersing you in an unparalleled “you-are-there” feeling and experience. Furthermore, the tonearm’s revolutionary arm tube and main body benefit from the exceptional damping characteristics of the exotic materials and finishes used in their construction. This damping capability ensures ultimate silence and faithfully conveys every piece of information captured by the cartridge, delivering an audio experience of unmatched quality.

BEARING MECHANISMHorizontal: TechDAS Air Bearing Float System. Vertical: Tungsten Pivot and Ceramic Ball Bearing.
ARM TUBE/ HEAD SHELLHybrid two layer structureOuter: Magnesium alloy with DLC coatingInner: CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics).
TONEARM LIFTERTechDAS Vacuum Force Lift SystemContinuing with our theme of developing air force technologies, we went one step further with a new TechDAS Vacuum Force Lift System which holds a spring under constant vacuum. If there is a sudden power loss from the mains system supplying power to your listening room, the spring will automatically lift the Air Force 10 arm from your record.
TRACKING FORCE ADJUSTMENTSpring pressure dynamic balanced.
ARM MOUNTTechDAS Helicoid Height Adjustable Mount.
OUTPUTDIN 5pin Output Connector (Phono cables not included).
AVAILABLE LENGTH10 inch and 12 inch.
EXTERNAL AIR SUPPLY UNITOne pump system for intake and exhaust.
Weight: 14 kgSize: 430 x 390 x 144mm (WxDxH)

① Armwand ② Inside Force Canceller Adjustment ③ Arm Lift Lever
④ Tracking Force Adjustment ⑤ Inside Force Canceller Lock
⑥ Main Counterweight ⑦ Main Counterweight Lock
⑧ Arm Tower Housing-DLC coated titanium alloy
⑨ VTA Adjustment Lever ⑩ Air Tube for Arm Lift

① Orifice for air vent ② Oil-less Horizontal Bearing Shaft
③ VTA Adjustment Lever ④ Vertical Bearing Pivot – Tungsten Alloy
⑤ LEVEL ⑥ Vertical Ceramic Ball Bearing Lock Screw

Air Force 10 Tonearm Horizontal Bearing & Vertical Air Bearing

Pivot to Spindle 230mm 300mm
Effective Length 248mm 312mm
Overhang 18mm 12mm
Offset Angle 23 degrees 16.5 degrees
Inner Offset 96.9mm 88.6mm
Inner Null Point 68.9mm 66.07mm
Outer Null Point 124.9mm 111.16mm
Maximum Error 1.4 degrees 1.84 degrees
Maximum Distortion 0.95% 0.63%
Average RMS Distortion 0.39% 0.29%
One pump system for intake and exhaust. Weight: 14kg. Size: 430 x 390 x 144mm (W x D x H)