TechDAS Air Force 10 tonearm receives Stereo Sound Grand Prix Award 2023

After dedicating nearly three years to the development and design of the new tonearm, we are thrilled to present a product that features an exceptionally smooth and precise motion, thanks to the advanced air bearing technologies.

Major features of Air Force 10 tonearm
Bearing Mechanism Armtube
Horizontal: TechDAS Air Bearing Float System
Vertical: Tungsten Pivot + Ceramic Ball Bearing
Hybrid two layer structure
Outer: Magnesium alloy with DLC coating
Inner: CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics)
Tonearm Lifter Tracking Force Adjustment
TechDAS Vacuum Force Lift System Spring pressure dynamic balanced
Arm Mount External Air Supply Unit
TechDAS Helicoid Height Adjustable Mount Pump system for intake/exhaust