TechDAS launches a new Disc Stabilizer, the Disc Stabilizer Series II.

We are very pleased to introduce the new Disc Stabilizer Series II made of super duralumin A7075. In pursuit of better analog sound quality, TechDAS now introduces the next generation TechDAS Disc Stabilizer.

Benefitting from the research and development on material used to create TechDAS Air Force turntables, this new Disc Stabilizer Series II utilizes a carefully selected material having excellent sound characteristics to allow the elimination of vibration on a record, resulting in a significant improvement of sound quality.

Based on our expertise in materials we have used in the development of the Air Force turntables, TechDAS team has raised the bar for the ultimate analog experience. Please check out the product page for further details.


Dimensions: Diameter 82.5mm , Height 33.5mm
Weight: 570 grams
Material of the body: super duralumin A7075
Material of the knob: non-magnetic stainless steel alloy
A static removal sheet is also provided