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The Reference MC Phono Cartridge

The TDC01 cartridge features a novel egg-shaped housing which was chosen because of its unchallenged structural Section Modulus properties. This unique housing made of A7075 Super Duralumin, and although difficult to machine with such extreme precision, is an ideal form factor to dissipate extraneous energy coming from the record groove. This, in turn, allows the generator system to reproduce only the clean signal of the music itself. The result is absolute purity of tone, with deep, detailed bass, extraordinary smooth clarity of the midrange, and crisp, clean highs bathed in pure air; together with the vast dynamic range of this design - and making a clear departure from the thin sound that so often is present in many MC cartridges - the TDC-01 presents a musical presentation of absolute beauty, solid authority, and incredible, holographic realism.


Major features

- Employs a housing and support base of aircraft-grade super duralumin, with DLC coating. Constrained-layer damping has been achieved with special internal alloys, which combine to further increase the strength of the egg-shape design and to suppress any remaining vibration. As a result, it has no loss of energy, but picks up even the most minute signals.
- Employs a unique magnetic circuit that enables a high output voltage (0.45mV)
with low internal resistance (1.4 ohm)
- Cantilever made of high strength super duralumin (A2017).
- Semi-line contact stylus tip minimizes any tracing distortion.
- A range of accessories are attached to maximize the superb performance of the cartridge.


・Type: Moving Coil (MC)
・Frequency response: 10 - 50,000 Hz
・Output voltage: 0.45mV (1kHz)
・Internal impedance: 1.4 ohm
・Recommended load impedance: 100 - 200 ohm
・Tracking force recommended: 2.0 - 2.3g
・Cartridge weight: 12g

・Cantilever: super duralumin (A2017)
・Stylus tip: semi-line contact (3μm x 30μm)
・Housing: super duralumin (A7075) + DLC coating
・Housing base: super duralumin (A7075) + DLC coating + damping treatment
・Channel balance: 0.5dB (1kHz)
・Channel separation: over 30dB (1kHz)

Accessories attached

8N lead wires
non-magnetic tweezers
titanium screws for mounting
non-magnetic screw driver
digital stylus force gauge