Titanium Screw Set
First-grade pure titanium cartridge mounting screws set

This set consists of six high grade screws, two washers and two nuts that are all machined from pure titanium. Pure titanium has excellent audio properties such as light weight and high rigidity, but because it is difficult to machine, all machined screws including screw heads have not been available until TechDAS enabled this using their technologies.

If you mount a cartridge onto a headshell using the TechDAS Titanium Screws, there will be no loss of energy between the two components but a more direct and coherent transfer of energy.

Material: Pure Titanium
Dimensions: M2.6 x 6.0mm (2 pcs), M2.6 x 10mm (2pcs ), and M2.6 x 15mm (2pcs)
Attachments: 2 x Washers: Ø 5.0mm (I.D), Ø2.8mm (O.D.) x 0.5mm (T)
2 x Nuts: M2.6