TechDAS BANANA Plugs are the perfect solution to connect any speaker cables with your amplifier and/or loudspeakers. To keep the sound signal purity, to ensure the very stable connections, we proudly offer to use TechDAS BANANA Plugs for your speaker cables. 

The Super BANANA is for the stripped cables and The Spade BANANA is for the Spade lugs terminated cables.  Each set contains 4 pcs (2 red and 2 Black) of plugs in the case. 

• Rhodium plated.
• Anodized hard aluminum clamp sleeve with good texture and advanced performance.
• Ergonomics design enables to tighten the clamp sleeve lightly by hand.
• Variable Contact Pin: The end of the contact pin opens by turning the contact pin adjust knob. This ensures solid contact with the pole terminal.
• Banana plugs can be connected to each other.
• Each set comes with two pieces of clampers to hold pair of plugs.
• Packaged in a box with English instruction on the back side.