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TechDAS is the house brand of Stella Inc, the premier distributor of high-end audio in Japan. Stella Inc is designing and developing TechDAS products to rediscover the joy of audio and re-activate high-end audio. The brand is working toward the fulfillment of our dream, which is to offer what is truly valuable to users. All products are made in Japan with subtle craftsmanship to elevate the enjoyment of music to an art-form.

TechDAS provides the ultimate in audio experiences. "DAS" in TechDAS stands for "Digital Analog Supremacy" reflecting the commitment to the finest audio technology. This philosophy has created TechDAS products such as the Air Force analog turntable line which gained worldwide reputation for its sound quality, accumulated know-how, and the latest in electronics and precise engineering technology.

Stella Inc.
51-10 Nakamarucho, Itabashi-ku Tokyo 173-0026 JAPAN (Japanese language only)