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TechDAS Disc Stabilizer
Analog disc stabilizer by TechDAS's exclusive metal technology

Tremendously improves sound quality of vinyl discs by removing surface vibration on the discs.
S/N is vastly improved without decreasing sound energy !
Enables extremely high-speed sound response and clears away all ‘muddiness’ in sound.

TechDAS Disc Stabilizer drastically improves the sound quality of an analogue disc by quickly absorbing and removing any minute vibrations that originate from the vinyl itself. Conventional stabilizers only hold down such vibration with their mass allowing the energy of these vibrations to be diffused or abated to a certain extent. However, since the vibration itself is not removed, the effect those stabilizers can bring on sound quality is quite limited. Furthermore, such effects can cut two ways, as if it is overly held down with the mass, the amount of information is reduced at the same time, consequently ending up with somewhat of a boring sound, something which you may have experienced.

TechDAS Disc Stabilizer can remove the minute vibration coming from the vinyl not by the mass but by the carefully selected material. TechDAS Disc Stabilizer was born from a combination of a metal that has a high degree of vibration absorption and an optimal shape arrived at through various simulations. With superhard alumite treating on the surface, it has the highest possible absorption of vibration, an effect which is also achieved by coating the surface with specialized covering that is focusing on the absorption of vibration.

TechDAS Disc Stabilizer specifications

Dimensions: Diameter 82.5mm , Height 33.5mm
Weight: 540 grams
Material: Non-magnetic composition metal
Surface Finish: Superhard alumite treatment coupled with mat black finishing
Anti-static sheet comes attached on the contacting surface with the disc